Seth “Clay” Xavier is the COO, co-founder, and serves at the core of the production team. Originally he’s from bustling NJ, grew up in Berkeley, California, and is influenced by artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and MF DOOM.  He’s “A big ol pot of different music stewing together” who started in his early years stealing different instruments from his friends in Band Class. Jazz started seeping into his life after digging through samples of old Wutang records and later was fully immersed, formally training and studying Jazz in college. After kicking off his producer and DJ career, at age 17, he slowly started to unify all of his talents to become who he is today. As the musical director he mixes his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and arranger. There’s no creative idea that he can’t bring to life and add his touch. When he’s not geeking over music, anime, or video games he suits up to help organize and focus projects, schedules, tasks, and logistics for publishing, distribution, sync licensing, and contracts. He’d also like for you to know that he’s “HELLA NERDY, between sessions y’all can catch me catching pokemon and ripping mfs up in yugioh”.

INSPIRATIONS: A big ol pot of different music stewing together. Started in Band Class and started to pick up all the instruments I could steal from friends. Then I discovered Jazz by digging through the samples of old Wutang records. I became completely immersed in Jazz for years and went to college to formally train and study in jazz. Started producing and DJing around 17 and slowly started to combine all of my talents to become who I am today. Artists include: Terrace Martin, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Butcher Brown, Madlib, J dilla, MF DOOM, Kanye West, John Coltrane, Ahmad Jamal, D-Mile, Kendrick Lamar, J cole etc. 
FUN FACT: HELLA NERDY, between sessions y’all can catch me catching pokemon and ripping mfs up in yugioh.

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