Nicholas Amadeus Lee, artist name ‘Nic Bask’, is a first generation Korean-American born in Berkeley, CA who has been involved with music his whole life. He spent a number of recent years in the technology space of the San Francisco Bay Area and is now working with OakTownSoul to build and maintain the advertising funnel and technology stack.

– Currently based in Atlanta, GA
– A founder continuing to build business for music artist advertisement (LMKWYT, Inc.)
– Received training through private lessons in classical piano at a young age, performed in music programs throughout his education, and produced events around music for his local community in the SF Bay Area. 
– Loves graffiti (and all elements of Hiphop)
– Currently listening to Larry June, Snoh Alegra, Jean Deaux, James Blake, and BBNG 
– Went to high school in Georgia
– Loves all Southwest style foods
– Loves pho
– Released a three part EP with a college friend (Frenk&Stine)
– Loves to mess around on guitar and draft songs (Nic Bask Bandlab)
– Inspired by author & neurologist Oliver Sacks to study Psychology for his undergraduate degree
– Certified Salesforce Administrator
– Oakland, CA is home

– ‘…you are the room you are in’
– ‘…if you fall, may as well rest while you’re down’
– ‘…chaos in souls birth dancing stars’
– ‘…a strong man attains to that which a genuine impulse bids him seek’

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