OakTownSoul, The Record Label


By the end of 2020, OakTownSoul logged countless studio hours servicing a wide-array of local acts in their immediate community. Their ability to envision and manage the lifecycle of a song or a project, from beginning to end, refined immensely. OakTownSoul expanded both their catalog and their professional artist network thanks to their affordably priced services with laser-focus to continue to stack hours in the studio with music artists. However, as they were growing in demand and scaling the business, they soon realized that the organization needed to adapt and switch gears; OakTownSoul transformed the studio team to an official record label with a few select, signed in-house artists – Dominé Brishawn, Ashia Karana, and Honest in 10Land. Most of 2021 was spent preparing for the launch of OakTownSoul Records…

OakTownSoul, A Production Studio


OakTownSoul built their following on Instagram to over 20,000 followers and even more on other social media platforms; this was when the group decided to focus on upskilling their individual members’ musicality, collectively adding value the organization, OakTownSoul. The group realized that a vocalist was missing and absolutely necessary to take their group to the next level. Along with seeking a vocalist, OakTownSoul built a full studio to produce records in-house.

OakTownSoul, A Production Collective on Instagram


In Shawn’s small studio apartment, the OakTownSoul brand and production collective was officially formed. The original goal was to build a collective of soulful producers to put out beat tapes. OakTownSoul was fixated on the idea of the producer taking the center stage as the artist. The group began to highlight their beatmaking process on Instagram. This earned the group ~10,000 followers in six months and then another ~10,000 in another six months thereafter.

A soundcloud radio show


On September 11, 2016, Shawn Fendt, founder and Chief Executive Officer, got together with a friend to do a 2-hour mix of underground beats. The name or concept of OakTownSoul had not yet been conceived. At the time, it was just about sharing music that inspired us and then making music from that inspiration. That year, 14 mixes, 54 beats and 7 projects for a total of 68+ were released.