Shawn is a wizard of chords, born and bred in deep hip-hop culture. Gay, black, and proud founder and visionary of OakTownSoul from Denver, Colorado, who oversees all aspects of growth, production, and execution. His years of experience in the music industry set his entrepreneurial spirit afire when he built OakTownSoul for inclusivity, representation, and pure-good juicy soul to lead a new style of business – thriving full of creative thinkers and do-ers. 

With this innovative vision he lights a spark for the team with an exciting purpose and provides a colorful, open space for Bay Area artists to express themselves authentically. We can always pick his brain on any business, creative questions or ideas because he’s a promising resource of education, wisdom and inspiring advice. He balances work and life in a fun and holistic way to encourage a lively energy and presence in everyone’s responsibilities. He’s a friend, producer, mix engineer, CEO, and killer home-cooked fries maker. Mmm-mmm!

INSPIRATIONS: Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Rick Ruben, Dr. Dre, Kanye West
FUN FACTS: Gay, black dude into hip hop. A nerd. Used to be a pastor in another life. 
MORE FUN FACTS: Pioneered the group, 40mill streams, Sylvan LaCue 60mill streams+ 3 years ago, which was 90% of work until the last year (first four years: production, tracking, mixing, produce, playing piano, instrumentalist). People person, believes in building people over organizations. People make organizations. Build this space exclusively for people to have undefined space to define the space themselves

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